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4-State Dairy Nutrition &
Management Conference

June 10 & 11, 2015

Grand River Center
Dubuque, IA

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pre-Conference Symposium Sponsored by Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition
(Now Including Vi-COR)
Advances in Animal Health and Immunity

How to access the effectiveness of practical transition interventions Dr. Joel Pankowski, Arm & Hammer Animal Nutrition
What are prebiotics (yeast derived carbohydrates) and how do they promote gut health? Dr. Jim Nocek, Overture Consulting Enterprises
Nutrition influences on health and immunity Dr. Michael Ballou, Texas Tech University
On farm applications of yeast derived carbohydrates Dr. Danica Baines, Lethbridge Research Centre, Canada

4-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference

General Session
Feeding Management and Behavior

Practical aspects of cow comfort and feeding over the years Gordie Jones, Consultant
Creating the perfect dining experience: focus on feeding and ruminating behavior Rick Grant, Miner
TBDLee Pattison, Producer

Breakout Sessions

Room 1TBDRandy Shaver, UW
Room 2Factors associated with pregnancy-associated glycoprotein (PAG) levels in plasma and milk of Holstein cows during early pregnancy and their impact on the accuracy of pregnancy diagnosis Paul Fricke, UW
Room 3Making milk with forage: understanding rumen fiber dynamics Rick Grant, Miner
Room 4Corn Silage: Fungal disease, the silent killer? Phil Cardosa, UIC
Room 5Serotonin impacts calcium status in dairy cattle Laura Hernandez, UW
Room 6Euthanasia of cattle: are you doing it correctly? Jan Scherer, ISU
Building milk proteinMike Hutjens, UIC

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Breakfast Session Sponsored by Alltech Inc.
General Session
Information for Better Decision Making

Precision dairy monitoring technology investment considerations Jeffery Bewley, UKY
Rumen Lipid Submodels in Nutrition Programs: Are they ready to help you Tom Jenkins, Clemson
Practical recommendations on mineral nutrition of lactating cows Bill Weiss, OSU

Breakout Sessions

Room 1What useful information can we get from a TMR fat analysis? Tom Jenkins, OSU
Room 2Sampling variation in feeds and why it matters for diet formulation Bill Weiss, OSU
Room 3Using the KetoMonitor to access cow and milk data to manage herd-level ketosis prevalence Heather White, UW
Room 4Five things to look for to help your clients manage foot health Gerard Cramer, UMN
Room 5TBDDave Combs, UW
Room 6Dollars and $ense of organic dairying Larry Tranel, ISU
TBDJohn Newton, ISU