Safety Videos

  • Arick Baker Story "Successful Grain Engulfment Rescue"
    This 15 minute video recaps the events that took place on a farm that led to the improbable rescue of Arick Baker who was completely engulfed by corn in a grain bin. Were it not for a breathing related health issue that required Arick to wear a portable air purifying unit equipped with a helmet and face shield, Arick would not have survived to tell his story. Arick's firsthand account of what it was like to be fully engulfed in grain will make a lasting impression on those who may enter grain bins in the future to ensure that all safety precautions have been taken prior to entering a grain bin and that entry does not occur if engulfment hazards are present.

  • ABC Show In an Instant - "Buried Alive" The Arick Baker Story
    This one hour and twenty minute program that aired on ABC re-creates the grain engulfment incident involving Arick Baker and the ensuing emergency response that turned out to be an incredible successful rescue instead of a body recovery. This program does a good job of identifying grain bin hazards and points out the importance of developing and implementing safe grain bin entry procedures. The program also delves into the massive rescue efforts required to rescue and/or retrieve a victim from a grain engulfment and the importance of having the proper rescue equipment and training.

  • Grain Bin Safety: Protecting Yourself and Your Family
    This 14 minute video, produced in conjunction with the National Corn Growers Association and the National Grain and Feed Foundation provides some historical facts and figures on grain engulfment and discusses the impacts fatal engulfment incidents can have on the family, community and emergency responders. This video also discusses some of the common causes of engulfment that need to be avoided and some of the rescue techniques involved with rescue operations.

  • Grain Handling Safety Coalition: Reducing Grain Bin Entry Risks
    This informative 23 minute video was developed by the Grain Handling Safety Coalition of Illinois through an OSHA grant and covers such issues as: Grain Condition and Hazards - Avoiding and Eliminating Hazards - Training - Hazard Correction and Control - Bin Entry Procedures and Alternatives to Bin Entry. Whether a commercial grain elevator or farm operation, the information provided will help to identify common hazards and develop safety practices and procedures intended to reduce or eliminate future grain engulfment.

  • Grain Bin Safety (by Oklahoma State University Extension)
    This 18 minute video developed by The Stored Products Research and Education Center at Oklahoma State University provides important safety information on grain engulfment. Why engulfment occurs, how it occurs, ways to prevent engulfment and what to do if engulfment occurs are covered in detail and provide farm families, commercial grain elevator management and employees with needed information to prevent grain engulfment and work safely inside grain bins.

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